26 octubre 2007

Four Lads who shook World

Four Lads who shook World

At the beginning for the sixties four younger men worked hard way to the top. They were some or the hundreds who wanted to sing and travel the around the world. Their names are Paul, John, George and Ringo but I'm sure you remembered like
The Beatles.

I know you've ever listened to their music because they revolutionized how to wear and the way to make music. Their formal dresses and long hair converted in fashion. The screams and disturbances for their fans were common wherever they were even abroad. Imagine they were Cartoons!!!

How about their music? One of their qualities was that they were progressing by years. They made a lot of albums buts the people said that the best is Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band. It was different because music, lyrics and melodies marked a period in the History. Of course they broke the style how to make music.

The rock' n 'roll was their passion and they're famous yet. Unfortunately they broke up and take their own way, however, they didn't stop singing.

The Beatlemania was a phenomenon and nowadays fans spring up all around the world.

Finally, John was murderous in 1980 and George died of cancer in 2000, Paul and Ringo still alive. In my opinion The Beatles music's is part of our lives and we never forget them.

Written by Tania Bermúdez.

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